new nmcfi logoI would always remember the beckoning sunrise of my childhood. For that was when this dream began. A dream of still unknown aspiration that started to stir my heartstrings, getting to fill my vivid imagination with overwhelming delight.

As our home bordered the shoreline of Negros Oriental, I would see the sun coming up one scalloped mountain of Cebu and from it’s rim, it would peep at me with seeming warm hello in the eye. Likewise, it was saying, “Come! Step on the pedal. Let’s ride the day together.”

And it would unshackle my toes from the warm sands, and smugly smile at the wisdom of my own thoughts in the early morning light, as the sea basked tranquilly in the crimson glow.

The rising sun and I became accomplices in the early dawning. And he was a smiling recipient to all my dream ramblings. He was the one solace in my solitude.

My life was like a water color in wet paper. Days ran together, a muted panorama of sun, sea, and sand.

What was it I absolutely wanted? I couldn’t figure out my dream as yet. All I know was that I wanted out, not by myself alone, but with my loved ones as well. What it was going to be, that was the enigma.

The years passed, and some memory was lost in limbo and not illusive aspiration.

I realized I needed time, and I was very much afraid that time was exactly what I wasn’t to be granted.

But, I was wrong.

Time became my partner, and still is.

All my life, as I look back, I see myself in broad perspective: a lone traveler, carrying her own footmarks along life’s highway. I am never one of those who follow a beaten pathway.

I find challenge in everything that I undertake; I always work it to fruition. It may not be the perfect thing done, but the result pleases me because it has proven itself an instrument that brings happiness to others, then I would be more than glad that I had given it justice.

Life has given me prestige. I only get these honors because of my fellowship with God. Without Him, I am indeed nothing. He has filled my heart with Divine Grace, and I know that I am a steward of His many Blessings.

The Lord has given me sincere friends like Capt. and Mrs. Arturo Gomez, who inspired me to announce this dream of mine; to establish this institution, and also to Architect Jaime G. Cloma who himself had guided me towards this fulfillment as well as other well-meaning and loyal friends.

As I find myself riding the crest, I realize that this milestone of my life is indeed the aspiration I desire to have and to hold. Not, forever, because no one stays in this life forever.

Now the dream of long ago has taken form at last, and I have it here in my hands. I must have worked very hard, needing the strength of time, seeking the intelligence of the Lord to dwell in my mortal mind and His power to my mortal hands to construct and build monuments to His Name.

I, EDITH ARANDA VERA, therefore, bequeath this edifice of love to the young men and women of this age, that they may make themselves worthy of the pride and love of their family and country.